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Confidence on Camera

Coach and Trainer


Getting you confident

on camera

My mission is helping women gain the

skills and confidence to rock

being on and using video, in their business.


I stand for it being possible to create engaging

videos with ease and have fun doing it!


I want to show all women that videos don't

have to be difficult, super professional

or expensive and in fact are a powerful tool

for connecting with your audience on

another level, attracting clients,

and freeing up your time.


Starting where they are, inspire them to take action, get seen & shine!


Fast Forward

Your Video Success

I help move small business owners move from feeling stuck, hiding and constantly second guessing themselves to confidently making videos they can use to attract, serve and grow their audience. Videos which will carry on working for them 24/7.



masterclass series!


Confidence boost and content ideas


1. Videos don't have to be hard!


2.A technique to create 25 content ideas your ideal client will love.


3.Videos are not just for social media! A look at all the ways you can use video in your business.

One to one coaching: Fast forward your video success


One to one video coaching session online to move you forward.


This session also includes a complete video set up guide so you can get started straight away. 

Group Mentoring Programme

10 week online programme and support group covering all you need to know about video.


Video-Tastic Club


Coming soon!

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